Treasury Secretary Mnuchin JUST indicated cryptocurrency FINCEN regulation is coming soon. Plus Powell speaks on China, Central Bank Digital Currencies & Privacy.

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Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Indicates Cryptocurrency FINCEN regulation coming soon – Feb 12 2020

Mnuchin Says U.S. Planning Cryptocurrency Rules on Transparency

Centralization on steroids!

Powell on China, Central Bank Digital Currencies & Privacy – Feb 11th 2020


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IRS Does Not Consider Fortnite Money as Virtual Currency After All

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18 thoughts on “The USA 🇺🇸 JUST Suggested Some SCARY Regulation for Bitcoin Holders [Both The Fed & Treasury SPEAK]

  1. I noticed that those Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency haters are not laughing anymore, and are worry that the fiat money will loose against Bitcoin

  2. After this dow bubble bursts and next stim package hits, Do Not Sell Your Crypto! wages are temporarily going up while inflation and taxes are going to skyrocket.

  3. The want control of everything. When bitcoin becomes normie friendly and more faith backed, its gona break the petro dollar. Fuckem!

  4. It's not possible to launder money with cryptocurrency. When we buy cryptocurrency, the money does not turn into crypto, the money goes to who sold it. That being said, when we buy cryptocurrency, and say we move out of the country. The money we used to buy the cryptocurrency stays in the country to whom profited from the exchange.

    If or when a government agency tries to hit someone with money laundering with cryptocurrency, they are then double dipping, as cryptocurrency is decentralized and world wide. A wallet is an access point that can be accessed from anywhere around the world without transferring it to another wallet, and the cryptocurrency is not a product of any reserve that produces fiat.

  5. The central banks don't like that they have no control over crypto. The monster from Jekyll island is losing control.
    This is going to get ugly.

  6. Austin is the best altcoin daily commentator… "alright, I like this"

  7. it's up to us to leave this dinosaurs to history where they belong. buy more bitcoin, use more bitcoin, trade it, earn it spend it, have a node running for blockchain sake, if we all do our part these scums will end up with Blockbuster, Pacman and the spice girls.

  8. Cause the real money launderer's are banks that use cash, we are on the the rap game

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  10. Try not to forget that Jews own the Fed, yes they are the shareholders of the banks that own the banks. It's the only reason they have power and they will say and do anything to keep that power.

  11. Wow… The flippening (when alll holders move their worth into ETH) will happen.

  12. Steve Munchkin–the Goldman-Sucks guy…a face that even a mother couldn't love. As for the moves these filth can do, it's going to be limited. They're all on borrowed time with the voters–all of them. Ms Cortez (not using her third name) is just another political sellout that have the interests of banks and the stuck market first and foremost on their agenda. And I won't even get into Ms. Under-the-Waters…she's got the brainpower of a fly. It's not about criminality, it's not about security, it's not about honesty–because we know (and they think we don't know) that the banks are extremely corrupt and involved in money laundering, etc..
    They are running out of power and they don't even know it yet.
    I welcome them trying to turn the screws–it makes more citizens become "bad citizens," and it weakens them all.
    And for POW-unwell…cash continues to grow because his criminal organization, the un-Fed, keeps counterfeit-printing more and more with Quantitative Greasing 4.0.
    Thank you for the video–my blood pressure needed a boost today!

  13. ah yes, regulating all western tech talent and leaving innovation to geniuses like Powell. this is surely the safest approach going forward. you never want to rush into new technologies, as history shows that having the upper hand in tech by even a few years is never ever important

  14. DEFI is changing how finances work, FINNEXUS is great example Due to the fact that the FNX tokens can be converted to USDT after the sale even if the price drops by 10 times

  15. Yeah, the hypocrisy is overwhelming. Crypto is just over a decade old and dicks like the Fed and bank heads always bring up how crypto is used for nefarious endeavours. How about banks and four hundred years of fiat currencies?? They are the biggest fek'n culprit for criminal behaviour EVER!!

  16. They aren't worried about terrorism.They are worried about tax avoidance .Thats all it is

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