Why the Current Price of Bitcoin IS CRAZY!

01:58 A Word From Goldman’s Sack
02:46 Why Greyscale Are Buying so Much Crypto
05:04 Why Isn’t This Impacting The Price More?
06:32 Exploding Bitcoin Indicator
09:14 Crypto Daily’s Trading Results
10:52 Craig Commits Another Oopsie
41:10 6% Interest on Crypto

In today’s video I will discuss exactly why I think the current price of Bitcoin is crazy considering the worldwide economic crisis and subsequent money printer goes brrr policies. How exchanges have record low amounts of Bitcoin, how miners are hoarding their Bitcoin, how institutions are mass buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Why Bitcoin volume is rapidly increasing. How Craig commits perjury and how you can earn 6% interest on your Cardano!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.