Bitcoin All-Time High Coming – Should You Buy Now?
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Bitcoin is moving fast and could be closing in on its previous ATH of almost $20,000 so, should you buy it now, wait for a pullback, or just ignore it as a fad and trend that just won’t go away?

well in this video, I will answer these questions, and I even have something for you if you fall in the camp of thinking it’s just a fad that just won’t go away

bitcoins been the best-performing asset of 2020 and is now up 83% since Jan 1 and since the low of $4745 on March 16 when the market crash the price has now recovered about 180% since

Now, despite its performance many still doubt it because… you can’t hold it in your hand, there are too many cryptos it uses too much energy, the gov will ban it and on and on and on…

but… with the price pushing back to all-time highs you can’t ignore it anymore and many are tempted to buy for the first time or buy more when the price moves up, but the question that’s on everyone’s mind is… should I buy it now, or wait for a pullback?

and the answer is one you might not like but it depends… you knew I would say that right?

the first thing we have to always know is why am I buying it, do I want to buy it now to hope it goes to ATH and sells? or do I think it can go to 50k, or do I think its the future what is your purpose and what is your level of confidence

so, let me give you the answers regardless of where you fall in the camp First we will start with the skeptics, lets say you are getting more interested you realize it won’t die, and that more and more hedge funds, corporations, and big-name investors are getting in, but… your still skeptical

so for you, I would give you this quote by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto which is…
it might make sense just to get some in case it catches on


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