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IA TA Tuesday: The Best Bitcoin Technical Indicators
IA TA Tuesdays (InvestAnswers Technical Analysis)

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0:00 Charting Tool TradingView

0:30 How to survive a bear market

1:00 RSI

2:00 MACD

3:00 Bollinger Bands

4:00 Support & Resistance

5:00 The Puell Multiple

6:00 Bitcoin MVRV Z-Score
Bitcoin MVRV Z-Score ( Bitcoin market value – Bitcoin realized value ) / market value standard deviation = MVRV z-score

7:00 Bitcoin HODL Waves

8:00 Bitcoin HODL Waves part II
Older coins are dormant. Fewer short-term hodlers. It also shows COIN MATURATION – coins are behind hodled more. Combining HODL waves and Liquid Supply Change reveals when a small number of coins are moving and whether the few coins are moving into strong hands.

9:00 Bitcoin Liquid Supply

10:00 NVT Ratio
NVT Ratio (Network Value to Transactions Ratio) is similar to the PE Ratio used in equity markets.

11:00 Stock to Flow Deflection

12:00 Deviation of Bitcoin Price from its 11-year trend yesterday.

13:00 Miner Net Position Change

14:00 Bitcoin Stablecoin Supply Ratio

15:00 Leverage Ratio

BTC is the Hardest Money
BTC is the Best Inflation Hedge
Based on all BTC History – based on real value S2F, Trends, etc this is one of the best times to buy from a TA perspective


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