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00:00 Introduction
00:48 Bitcoin Bear Bull Tug of War Continues
01:44 Bitcoin February Returns
03:00 Nayib Expects #Gigantic BTC Price Jump
04:10 Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou from JP Morgan
05:30 Listen to Smart People – No Crypto Winter Ahead
06:34 FTX Also Had a Huge Raise
07:13 Whales 1000 BTC Stacking Hard This Week
08:11 Bitcoin Range for 2022 – per Forrest Przybysz
09:40 Follow the Money – Bitcoin Wins the Week
11:08 Ethereum Range for 2022
12:23 Visa Crypto Transactions Skyrocketing
13:00 Phenomenal Phantom Raise
13:40 What the VC’s See
14:33 Phantom Also Launched Mobile Version Today
14:47 Poor Motley Fool – ALGO is SOL of 2022
15:38 ALGO Chart is Where it was a Year Ago
16:19 Dot-com Billionaire to Shitcoin Aficionado
17:35 Market has fully priced in two hikes by May
18:17 Dip Buying Works
19:24 Confirmation 60/40 Portfolio Is Dead
21:20 And in FIAT Money Laundering News