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0:00 Intro – Expect Turbulence
2:10 Ukraine Invasion Imminent
7:20 Emergency Fed Mtg Feb 14th
11:05 Institutional FOMO in 2022?
17:57 Fidelity says BTC Will Go Exponential like Apple – Jurrien Timmer – Fidelity Exec Says Bitcoin ‘Is Following in the Same Path’ As Apple Stock (AAPL)
22:22 What Asset Do you have 100% Conviction?
26:42 Any 2022 Any Portfolio Changes?
31:15 Advice for a First Time RE Buyer – I believe in simple rules 1) location location location 2) buy the crappiest house on the block 3) try get a corner lot 4) go as big as you can rates are so low $1M home 2.75% int only cost is only 2K per mth w 10% down.
34:10 Mindfed If ETH or SOL (or another L1) will be the underpinning of most finance in 10 years, why wouldn’t that coin be a store of value instead of BTC then?
38:40 mikoman I went 75% cash 7 days ago and not just Russia, I think a recession has to happen in US, I know bitcoin is the answer but the world doesn’t know yet
41:30 Charles KinCannon I thought DCA with blood in the streets. Is this not blood in the street? Or do we exclude macro events. Please clarify
45:20 matt c – Do you guys think we can stay in this same trading channel, 38-45K, for another several weeks, months, or will we get a clear move in one direct sooner than that?
46:50 Quickcall Computers – Russia legalizing crypto as currency to avoid US Dollar sanctions Post invasion?
49:00 Cryptolicious – Mornin guys. Because everyone says the Metaverse is where the money is this year-where should we be looking to invest? Where the money is.
52:46 Phoenix Zohar – Thanks for all your videos gents, appreciate all the content you 3 provide. I’d love to James and Ben play a chess game on blitz time format with Rob announcing the moves! Would be fun, what do you say?