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00:00 Introduction
00:50 Bitcoin Risk-Off Asset? Baby Steps
02:00 Intel Bitcoin Mining Chip 1000x Faster
03:12 Bitcoin Dominance – 3 Mth High
03:40 OCC Bitcoin Balance on Exchanges
04:11 Bitcoin Liquidity Tightens – 9% Less BTC than 6 mths ago
04:50 Hash Rate Exploding
05:40 Bitcoin Price vs Hash Rate
06:25 Bitcoin is a Put on the Fed Put w Greg Foss
08:00 Short Vol vs Long Vol Assets
08:50 The Fed Put
09:45 BTC 3 Days – 1.6% Range
10:18 Put Option Dominance = Super Bearish
11:15 All Exchanges P/C Ratio 1.07 – Max Pain 42K
12:04 Follow the Money
13:54 L1’s Rebounding After Another Rough Sell-Off
14:54 Cardano and Polkadot ETP’s Hit Germany
15:50 Ethereum On Exchanges Same Boat
16:50 Latest Vulnerability – Ether & L2 Optimism
18:09 Cardano Doubles Bounty from $10K to $20K
18:43 Meanwhile Wormhole Offering $10M
19:00 Ukraine Update – Attack Imminent
19:30 And The President Was Joking… but Moved Mkts
20:12 Who’s Kidding Who? US warns of imminent attack