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00:00 Introduction
01:10 Today’s Story
01:40 Does Metcalfe’s Law Govern Bitcoin’s Price?
02:00 What is Metcalfe’s Law
02:20 Metcalfe’s Law – value of a network is a function
02:30 Metcalfe’s Law w Numbers
02:40 Peterson’s Metcalfe’s Bitcoin Value
03:00 The Model
03:40 The Model Definitions
04:16 Calculating: Tp and G
04:55 Modeling: A
05:50 Proportionality Factor Constant Visualized
06:00 Number of Wallet Users Model
06:40 1BN Crypto Users Possible YE 2022
07:19 S-Curves
08:14 Bitcoin S Curve Exponentiality
08:45 Third Halving
09:20 Historic Bitcoin Wallet Growth
09:37 Historic Wallet Growth vs Actual BTC Price
10:00 Historic BTC Price vs Conservative Metcalfe
10:50 Historic BTC Price vs Aggressive Metcalfe
11:20 Metcalfe’s Law Conservative Price Projection
11:47 Metcalfe’s Law Actual (Aggr.) Price Projection = $11M by 2030
12:15 Stock to Flow Model Refresher
13:00 Bitcoin S2F Model – Price Predictions
14:10 IA RB $12.5M Model
15:00 Replacing Bond Allocation How Greg Gets to $2M Per BTC
15:40 Greg Foss Modified EV Model = $1.178M by 20130
17:00 Fidelity Model – Mobile Network S Curve
17:31 Average of all the models Metcalfe, Metcalfe Modified, S2F, Fidelity, Foss, Bond EV Mod, IA RB and ARK 2030 Projections
18:51 InvestAnswers 2030 Bitcoin Bear Case, Expected Case and Bull Scenario
19:55 Conclusion – So far Metcalfe has held
We expect diminishing returns over time hence our Mod Model
Rem money printing will accelerate so all these numbers are in Nominal Dollars
Even my Bear Case over the course of 8 years the CAGR from $39,760 to $733,044 is 43.95 %
Exp Case has CAGR of 52.94 %
Avg of all Models has CAGR of 82.22%