Learn how to self-custody your Bitcoin:

In this video, I discuss Coinbase’s recent move to end native BTC support at Coinbase Commerce, as well as the risks of a 6102-type attack on Coinbase Custody in the next 5-10 years.

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Coinbase Commerce:

Coinbase Commerce ending support for native BTC:


Coinbase loves to list garbage:

Coinbase adds Solana’s BONK token to its listing

Coinbase still doesn’t offer support for Lightning:

Coinbase is a a regulatory arbitrage/rent-seeking company:

Francis Pouliot on how far ahead of the game BullBitcoin has been when it comes to on-chain and LN payments:


Pay your bills using BullBitcoin.com in Canada:

Executive Order 6102:

David Bailey on a Bitcoin-version of EO-6102:

My Favorite Bitcoin Desktop Software (Sparrow Wallet):

How To Move Your Bitcoin From Ledger To Jade:

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