Jack Mallers is the Founder & CEO of Strike (https://invite.strike.me/LNI4OF). In this conversation, we talk about the macro environment, the edge case, use case, investment case for bitcoin, bitcoin vs shitcoins, politics, regulation, and why he believes Wall Street will capitulate and all become bitcoiners.

PropyKeys.com is a part of the Propy ecosystem, that has a grand mission to make homeownership more affordable and user friendly. Join us as we discuss the Propy’s latest collaborations, including Coinbase, and its new fun project PropyKeys.
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Meanwhile is the world’s first licensed and regulated life insurance company built for the Bitcoin economy. Protect your loved ones with sound money built to manage life’s uncertainty and a broken financial system. Their BTC-denominated Whole Life Insurance policies allow HODLers to pass more BTC on to their loved ones and a tax-advantaged way to access BTC for liquidity during their lifetime. Visit their website at https://meanwhile.bm/ to join the waitlist for a policy and to learn more.”

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