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In this video, I discuss the wall of institutional money that is headed for BTC and the spot BTC ETFs. Even if institutional investors like pension funds allocated just 1% to Bitcoin, the resulting inflows would be enormous.

The good news is that when institutional investors (banks, pensions, endowments, hedge funds, etc) buy the spot Bitcoin ETFs, it has the paradoxical effect of also enriching Bitcoiners in Nigeria or Venezuela or Turkey (or the US) who own real BTC.

There’s no zero sum game here.

Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor.

Bitcoin is a vehicle for fraudsters, warns Goldman Sachs boss:

Now Goldman loves Bitcoin:

Huge ETF inflows:

New Bitcoin ETFs being rolled out:

Wisconsin pension fund holds spot Bitcoin ETFs:

BTC breaking out against M1:

Samson Mow on recursive demand shock:

BTC $400,000 price target from VanEck CEO:

When the bull began his run (Bitstein meme video):

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