Today I’m going to show you why the fundamentals & technicals are aligning for a massive bull run that will leave Bitcoin at a minimum of $100k within 500 days from now.

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10 thoughts on “Why Bitcoin Will Be At $100k Within 500 Days (Screenshot This)

  1. You suckers still believe in the bull run?? Keep dreaming. It anit happening untill your owners – the banks – will decide so… and they don't want that just yet. Keep paying your taxes and "elect" "your" presidents. You think slavery is gone? You ARE slaves to the banks and your "elected" presidents serving to them together with other political prostitutes like "parties". And now Bitcoin is their bitch as well because while you were jerking off the banksters introduced future trading on crypto. It is totaly tamed now and will do whatever the rich cocks want. Keep dreaming slaves

  2. Lol at the 25.88 Guy hihi. Just discovered your channel – subscribed and liked ! Huge respect for you videos and opinions bro ! Tech and Internet is the future. Too bad banks havent noticed that all those years that trends tend to move forward ! Definetely Bitcoin will hit 150+ thousand dollars in the next decade or so. Digital currencies will start to become more and more popular if we play this smart. Easy access for people to buy digital currencies and use them to pay via their smartphones. THIS WILL BE THE FUTURE ! Im also having the dream lately to find the best team of digital asset investors and programmers to start up the first digital bank which will future its own digital currency xCoin 😀 😀 😀

  3. I don't hold a ton of BTC but I'm going to just keep buying some every week this whole year. Hopefully have a decent amount by the time the spike happens. Most of my money is in Alts. If btc goes everyone in the space should do ok hopefully.

  4. Sure he would have had $15.3 M IF he had not lost them on the Mt Gox exchange which is where most kept their BTC in that time frame.

  5. Guarantee; nothing is a guarantee. LOL; and I am a BTC bull. It's your timing that is the problem. June 2021? Possible; but a guarantee? NOT!!

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